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Why become an ESCOM member?

Sustaining members: individuals, corporations, or organizations who give major donations to the Society. 500 € per year or 1400 € for 3 years.


  • You will be supporting, and be seen to be supporting, a leading organization within your research discipline
  • You will be linked to a large and growing community of international researchers from a wide range of related fields and expertise
  • You will receive four paper copies of Musicæ Scientiæ sent to your home address (unless opted out, see below)
  • You will get online access to Musicæ Scientiæ at the Sage website
  • You will receive society discounts for registering at ESCOM events
  • You will be able to vote on resolutions presented to the General Assembly
  • You will be able to hold office in the Society

Sustaining Member - 3 Years

1 400,00 €Price
Price Options
One-time purchase
1 400,00 €
Sustaining 3 Years
1 400,00 €every year for 3 years
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