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Why become an ESCOM member?


  • You will be supporting, and be seen to be supporting, a leading organization within your research discipline.
  • You will be linked to a large and growing community of international researchers from a wide range of related fields and expertise.
  • You will receive four paper copies of Musicæ Scientiæ sent to your home address.
  • You will get online access to Musicæ Scientiæ at the Sage website.
  • You will receive society discounts for registering at ESCOM events.
  • You will be able to vote on resolutions presented to the General AssemblyYou will be able to hold office in the Society.

The annual membership fee is 60 Euros per year, with equal cumulative discounts of 15 Euros for:

  • Electronic access to Musicae Scientiae rather than receiving the paper copy,
  • Full-time student status, and
  • Living/working in a financially disadvantaged country including Eastern Europe, Greece and Turkey. This applies to countries whose GDP per capita is less than $37,000 as listed in the left column (IMF figures) of the table here.

Full Membership

60,00 €Price
  • By filling out this membership form, you provide your consent to let European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music (ESCOM) collect, store, and process your personal data (name, gender, age, contact details) in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations of the EU, Article 6(1)e for up to five years for the purposes of administering and conducting statistics for research on society memberships. After five years, demographic data (gender, age) may be kept indefinitely in an anonymized form where they cannot be coupled to your name or contact information. Only members of ESCOM’s Executive Committee will have access to non-anonymized data stored securely under password protection. Fully anonymized data may be transferred to research partners in Finland as well as within and outside the EU/EEA area. You have the right to request access to, rectify, or have your data deleted at any time before anonymization. If you wish to withdraw your consent, please send an email to Cancelling your consent will not affect the processing actions taken before the consent was withdrawn.

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