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Schools and webinars

ESCOM Winter School - 1st - 5th February 2021


Cross-European Winter School On Musical Ability, more information: LINK

Guest speaker: Daniel Müllensiefen, Glenn Schellenberg.


School workshop leaders and presenters: Annarita Addessi, Maria Chelkowska-Zacharewicz, Suvi Saarikallio, Marc Thompson, Renee Timmers, among others.


Interested in attending the winter school? - pre-registration is possible: LINK

ESCOM Webinar 1 - 21 November 2019

Prof Reinhard Kopiez, former Editor in Chief of Musicae Scientiae discusses 'Getting Published in Music Psychology'.

Moderator: Dr Renee Timmers, current President of ESCOM.


Free online participation, see LINK

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